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Vulcan Yemen originally started with the core company Vulcan Trading and Constructions, the first building stone of the Vulcan Group officially launching operations in Yemen.

Vulcan Trading and Constructions started as a general trading and constructions company. Starting with small business in cosmetics and sport equipments, then going into Defense Supplies investing the experience of the General Manager in this field, and made a massive success by signing several agreements with number of the most important Defense and Military supplies companies around the world, winning in less than one year one of the most important contracts with the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, which are taking progress. Another contract is being finalized with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Vulcan Trading & Constructions was chosen from between 5 of the big military suppliers to supply CSF with special Vehicles.

Vulcan Trading & Constructions, in a short period of time, gained a strong foothold in the market and became one of the most prominent suppliers of Defense and Security provisions and equipment.

The company, in a successful effort to boost its network of operations, has also been actively seeking new ventures and hence was jointly involved in major road constructions with functional partners whom were consequently responsible for delivering the ground work and operations side of the contract.

Vulcan Trading & Constructions is always keen to diversify its profile, hence identifying niche markets and venturing into new fileds becomes a natural instinct to a company that managed to gain the trust and secure partners like Colliers International, one of the biggest Real State companies in the world. Currently, Vulcan and Colliers are involved in the development, leasing and management of Al-Saleh Mall which aside from being the most prevalent construction project in Yemen's history, is by the far one of the most challenging projects which has amongst its deliverables the largest Mall in Yemen with total area of 200,000 square meter.

The rapid and steady growth of the company with its diverse, varied, and wide range of business operations naturally lead to the development and creation of five sister companies with each company specializing in a well researched and harnessed field forming the steadfast foothold of what is known today to be the Vulcan Yemen Group for Trading and Investments.

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