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Vulcan Trading and Constructions

Vulcan for Trading and Constructions, being the initial core company and premiere of the group, is the most prominent. Vulcan Trading, as it expanded its business functions, handed down its base of operations to the respective new born sister companies each in its own specialized field.

Having said that, Vulcan Trading continues to operate and execute long-term in the tunnel projects key of which are the defense contracts.

Additionally, the company in a joint venture with Colliers International has won over Alsaleh Complex contract that includes amongst its deliverables, the feasibility study, development, leasing, and management of the complex, which is the biggest and most important investment in country at the moment.

General Trading & Constructions, General Governmental and Private Sector Supplies, and General Investments.

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At Vulcan Group of Companies, we are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling customers' needs and doing whatever it takes to provide customers with the highest level of reliable service quality. This passion for our customers and clients is key to our Business philosophy and Mission

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